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Cereal sweetens the deal, adding indulgent varieties to attract consumers

Barley grows in diverse climates and is used for a variety of foods, and in Britain, it is combined with fruit squashes to make a healthy drink. Although we think of breakfast cereal as a sugary treat that takes us back to our childhood, cereal was originally the product of a national health craze. This fad was sparked by an epidemic of indigestion that was brought on by a diet that focused too much on meat consumption following the civil war. Cereal only became more popular as time went on thanks to periods such as World War II, in which people had to search for alternative foods for vitamins and minerals.

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The target audience for these sugary cereals is both millennials and Baby Boomers. She said manufacturers need to “be mindful of what their habits are and what they’re looking for because that’s a really big audience that grew up with .” Post has marketed cereals like Oreo O’s and Sour Patch Kids through sampling events and social media, hoping to attract that age group to the unique flavors. Quaker’s two Diet Frosted cereals have fewer calories per serving than any other kind of cereal! A full cup of Diet Frosted Rice Puffs has only 56 calories; Wheat Puffs only 51. With sales up 43 percent in the past five years, the dry cereal business has been one of the fastest-growing segments of the food industry.

The best kind of carbohydrate for your cereal is whole grains—which should take the first spot on the ingredient list. Look for words like 100 percent whole wheat, wheat bran, or another variety like rye. “ help keep us full, while providing lots of minerals and vitamins, like B vitamins,” Taub-Dix says.

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Made from pea protein, cassava, tapioca and potato starches, and almond flour. Mild toasted-rice and slightly sweet flavors that are enhanced by milk. Toasted-grain with slightly sweet and honey flavors. Strong grain flavor with some cinnamon and very little sweetness.

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I like to add walnuts and raisins to my oatmeal cereal. We could also benefit our health if we ate more cereal — certain cereals, anyway. “Families with children were becoming more time pressured. “The rise of mass media advertising, like radio and television, drove demand” as well, he says.

These processes can include things like grinding, toasting, puffing, the introduction of vitamins and minerals and the addition of colors and flavors, just to name a few. The actual process will vary depending on the type of cereal, such as a flaked, puffed or some other form. Kashi makes all types of foods, but it’s best-known and best chosen for its variety of Kashi breakfast cereals. The brand sinks deep into its heart-healthy marketing, so if you’re a Scrooge, Grinch, or hardened individual, those hearts on the box might put you off from buying. For everyone else, though, Kashi cereal is a reminder that you’re choosing a cereal that’s healthy for your physical heart and your metaphorical, emotional, eco-conscious one. Nothing makes us more nostalgic for our childhood than enjoying a bowl of candy-colored cereal with cold milk in the morning.

Vintage Kellogg’s Triple Snack cereal (1960s)

This ensures you’ll have plenty of space for an adequate portion but milk won’t go sloshing over the sides. Of course, the best cereal bowls can also accommodate hot cereals, like oatmeal, without allowing contents to spill over when heated in the microwave. While this crunchy cereal clocks in with the highest amount of sugar on this list , each serving has four grams of fiber to help manage blood sugar levels.

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With 17 grams of fiber in each bowl, you’ll certainly feel full for hours after eating this cereal for breakfast. Enjoy it with some fresh fruit and a dollop of Greek yogurt, if you want to add more protein and some fat. Each spoonful also delivers four grams of muscle-building protein.